It’s been sunny and warm in Vancouver all week and it has me thinking of summer. It’s just around the corner!

Sources – lost in the shuffle and unknown.

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Seattle was lovely – we had perfect weather and spent most of our time wandering the city on foot and eating (way too much) great food. The highlight was finally getting to see the lovely shop Totokaelo in person – it did not disappoint. Luckily I’ll have the opportunity to visit a few more times this spring since I feel like I barely scratched the surface of what the city has to offer…

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My talented friend Corrine of the jewelry line Biko launched her Spring/Summer 13 collection today – the perfect solution for a last minute Valentines gift for your loved one or even just for yourself…

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Le Marche St. GeorgeLe Marche St. GeorgeLe Marche St. GeorgeLe Marche St. GeorgeLe Marche St. GeorgeLe Marche St. George

A few weeks ago a friend took me to Le Marche St. George – one of the cutest coffee shops I’ve ever been to in Vancouver. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and was delighted to find they have an equally cute website filled with beautiful photos of the store space, events held and the general goings on of their business. They even rent out a gorgeous suite above the shop that any visitor to the city would be lucky to stay in. Make sure to stop in the next time you are in the city – it’s a little out of the way but well worth the trip.

All photos taken from their website.

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Our last holiday wish list of the season is focused stocking stuffers:

1/D.S. & Durga 2/In God We Trust 3/Morning Calm 4/Hair powder 5/ Fat and the Moon 6/ Two Bandits 7/Strathcona Stockings 8/Butter London 9/Scout & Catalogue 10/Diptyque 11/Mast Brothers Chocolate 12/The Wild Unknown 13/Frankie Magazine 14/Drake General Store 15/Madewell 16/Rodin Luxury Hair Oil

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Today’s Holiday Wish List was created by my good friend Julie who used to write the S&C blog’s Look!Book! monthly book review. Lucky for us she’s back and has compiled a selection of books she’d be happy to give or receive this season:

1/Kathleen Winter, Annabel 
This debut novel tells the story of Wayne growing up in remote Labrador and concealing a secret he is only somewhat aware of himself.

2/Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus
I’m not usually a fan of fantasy but The Night Circus held me (wait for it!) under its spell from page one.

3/Hilary Mantel, Bring up the Bodies
This year’s Man Booker Prize winner is the darker and pacier sequel to Wolf Hall and chronicles Anne Boleyn’s demise – perfect to read by the fire.

4/Jane B. Burka and Lenora M. Yuen, Procrastination: Why You Do It, What To Do About It
I listened to this book over ten (highly productive) hours in the fall and it may have changed my life.

5/Caitlin Moran, How To Be A Woman
There is a lot to love and laugh at in Caitlin Moran’s memoir/rant but her invention (to my knowledge) of the term “Sex Narnia” is quite spectacular.

6/F. Scott Fitzgerald, TheGreat Gatsby
Re-reading this classic reinforced both my admiration for it as well as my fears about the movie casting. This Penguin edition (pictured) would make a great gift or track down a vintage copy in your local second hand bookshop.

7/James Joyce, TheDubliners
In Dublin I picked up a lovely copy of Joyce’s short stories for my dad, but couldn’t resist reading them myself first. Next up, A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man.

8/Speaking of short stories, I already know my mum has bought me Emma Donoghue’s latest collection Astray for Christmas. She probably remembers that in undergrad I nerdily emailed a paper to Donoghue (about her novel Hood) and have saved her kind reply to this day.


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1/Score + Solder 2/Object + Totem 3/MCMC Fragrances 4/Mociun 5/Shanna Murray 6/Pretty Mommy 7/Drake General Store 8/Steel Canvas 9/Tivoli Audio 10/Old Faithful Shop 11/Penguin Classics 12/Julia Paul Pottery 13/Drake General Store

PS. There is a tiny interview of me over on the Wiseling Blog today

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1/Baggu 2/Falconwright 3/Daniel Wellington 4/Forestbound 5/Status Anxiety 6/Common Projects 7/Madewell 8/Swedish Hasbeens 9/Me&Arrow 10/Comme des Garcons 11/Rennes Handmade

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Harvest MoonHarvest MoonHarvest MoonHarvest MoonHarvest Moon

As most of you know I used to work for the women’s retailer Aritzia before I started S&C. I still have a lot of friends that work there and they are having a very big month – a new store just opened on Fifth Ave in New York AND they have finally relaunched their site and you can now shop with them online! 

Take a peek at their new online magazine and the Fall/Winter collections – this Harvest Moon lookbook is my personal favourite…

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A few beautiful pieces I’d be very happy to find under the tree this December…

1/ManiaMania 2/OdetteNY 3/Erin Considine 4/Kria 5/Pamela Love 6/Kathryn Bentley 7/Jessie Harris 8/Biko 9/Dream Collective 10/ManiaMania 11/In God We Trust 12/Dream Collective

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I’m a little behind in discovering the beautiful New Zealand based line Lonely Hearts but, all I can say is, better late than never. They’ll be launching their online store this week so until then have fun browsing through their Facebook page

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Whenever I dye fabrics there is a moment where the dye pigment floats and swirls in the water before it fully dissolves. I often wish I could capture it’s fleeting beauty more permanently – something that Alberto Seveso has done flawlessly in these ink and water portraits.

Found via Honestly WTF

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Early last year I purchased a bright floral Society 6 phone case which perfectly complimented the following warm spring and summer months. With colder weather fast approaching I’m now on the lookout for a more subdued option – above are a few that have caught my eye…

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Craft & CultureCraft & CultureCraft & CultureCraft & CultureCraft & Culture

We just sent a shipment off to the online shop Craft & Culture and I spent a bit of time looking through their beautiful lookbooks. I can’t wait to see what they do with S&C

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The Los Angeles based boutique Myrtle just launched their beautiful F/W12 lookbook with the help of talented photographer Megan McIsaac. In amongst the great shots I spied a S&C Libro Grande Constellation Clutch!

To see the entire lovely shoot click here.

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Yesterday we spent a day in the country visiting friends that live very close to a rural Mennonite community. They took us on a tour of a local saddle maker’s leather workshop and it was amazing. The leather, the tools, the machines – I was in heaven – and it got me dreaming of a little rural home with a large detached studio on the property…

Thanks Erica and Andy for taking us on such a great little field-trip!!

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QP F/W 12QP F/W 12QP F/W 12QP F/W 12QP F/W 12QP F/W 12

I first discovered Quality Peoples and the talented Ed Fladung when we moved to Mexico. Ed is an American designer residing with his family in the small beach town of Bucerias (coincidentally just one town over from where we lived in Puerto Vallarta) who, at the time, was chronicling his experience in a different culture through gorgeous photography on his blog. These days he’s shifted his focus and partnered with a friend to create a surf inspired clothing line also named Quality Peoples. They’ve just launched their F/W 12 collection and the lookbook is giving me some serious pangs for our time in Mexico…

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When we were in Portland last month we discovered Palace, a cute little shop filled with a well curated selection of vintage and up-and-coming brands. While browsing I stumbled into the perfume line D.S. & Durga and instantly fell for their rich yet subtle scents . Generally I don’t wear perfume since I’m often allergic to synthetic scent but after some research I discovered that D.S. & Durga make their line from natural ingredients, in small batches, out of their studio in Brooklyn. I couldn’t stop thinking about their Coriander eau de parfum and so this past weekend I tracked down a bottle in Toronto (available at Lost + Found) and couldn’t be happier (or better smelling).

(first picture taken from Palace tumblr)

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Some inspiration pulled together for our upcoming F/W 12 shoot.

Images from + Northwood Rika Magazine + Pulp Magazine + Maison Scotch + Brock Watson + Planet Blue + Kim Hammerstroem + Rag & Bone + Studded Hearts + as well as a few unknown sources.

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Picture 7Picture 3Picture 8Picture 6maniamaniaPicture 5maniamaniamaniamania
The new ManiaMania lookbook – The Astral Plane – takes my breath away.

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