And so we have found internet again. Another 10 days have passed and our original plan to sail the entire circumference of Vancouver Island has been altered. If we were to do the island we would not be able to spend days at rest Рconstantly having to push forward to meet our goal in 5 weeks. The most fun we have had are on days getting to know a certain bay or inlet Рtaking the time to drink coffee slowly in the morning, fish for our dinner, hike in along the rocky coastlines or talk to the locals. We have decided to spend most of our time in the Broughton Archipelago off the Northeast corner of Vancouver Island. The nature is spectacular in this region and it is sparsely populated by humans (and internet connections). The more I am out here the more passionate I feel about the region I was born in Рfinally understanding how truly magical this small wild patch of the planet truly is.

1_ Before leaving Cortes Island we hiked to the top of Eagle Bluff and looked out across the marina and towards our next destination.

2_ The adventure begins.

3_ Kevin rows us from boat to shore. Have you guys ever rowed a boat?! I am SO BAD AT IT. I can not seem to get my strokes even and am constantly moving myself off track. It is one of the only ways to exercise on the trip though so my goal is to come back being able to row in a straight line and have abs of steel. I am already failing at both of these goals…

4/5_ A visit to Port Neville – the longest running post office in Canada (now closed). A homestead built in the late 1800’s and lived in by the original family until 2012. The caretaker here told us we had missed a bear by 5 minutes and also taught us how to tell the difference between grizzly and black bear tracks.

6_ Floating through the Copeland Islands before getting to Cortes.

7/8/9/10_ Heading towards Big Bay we missed the tides at Yuculta Rapids by 20 minutes. At certain times throughout the day the tide runs so fast against the boat in this channel that we can’t move forward. We were looking at the marina we wanted to moor at but couldn’t get across so spent the afternoon with Kevin teaching me to fish in the company of two sea lions and a handful of seals. So far I have caught nothing but Kevin catches fish all over the place and has also taught me how to gut them. I am surprised by how beautiful they are inside and out. And how delicious fresh fish is.

11_ Current day job : scouting big rocks while sailing through shallow passages.

12_ Arriving in our favourite place so far – Thompson Sound. More on this magical place in the next post.

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  1. julie says:

    I am so impressed and in awe of this adventure!! sending so much love!! you are gutting fish?! incredible woman. x x jules

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