And then the rains came. We headed up to the Broughton Archipelago, the weather slipping from summer to fall the further north we sailed. In exchange for hot sunny days we found an abundance of wild life – humpbacks, salmon, an array of diving birds, dolphins and most notably bears. With Phil along for the ride we slowly inched our way towards Nimmo Bay Resort – a heli-fishing operation Kevin has wanted to check out for years. It did not disappoint.

1_ Watching a humpback feed – we ran into so many whales feeding in Blackfish Sound.

2_ The small islands that dot the coast – if you need any photos that embody ‘loneliness’ I’ve got them.

3/4/5_ The boys strung me up to the top of the mast. From 90 feet above we stumbled onto a pod of humpbacks feeding and I got to watch them surface from a new vantage point.

6_ The bears are out to play. We saw so many black bears in this area – mostly searching under rocks at low tide for food.

7_ With all the rain, waterfalls began appearing out of nowhere – this is Lacy Falls and is quite magnificent in person.

8_ This is Scare-bear. We were exploring a local river estuary in the dinghy when I looked over my shoulder and saw this black bear watching us. I do not have a zoom lens so that may give a sense as to how close he was to us – it felt like we could reach out and hi-five him if desired. I did everything you are not supposed to do : I panicked, I cowered and squeaked, ‘BEAR BEAR BEAR OHMYGODBEAR…’ over and over again. Not my finest moment.

Scare-bear, named after my level-10 panic, yawned a few times and then turned his back on us while we jumped quickly back into the boat, shot some photos and headed back to a safe distance.

9_ We anchored for a few nights at Big Nimmo Bay which had calm waters and Monet sunsets.

10_ The Nimmo Bay Fishing resort was amazing and well worth visiting if you are in the area. We dropped in and had massages which also included time in their hot tub which was nestled in the rainforest with a small waterfall behind it. After a week without showers this felt like paradise.

11/12/13_ I’ve acquired quite a few ‘treasures’ over the last few weeks – the driftwood, moss, eagle feathers and rocks that litter this coastline are gorgeous.

14_ Boo-bear – this guy was foraging near our boat most evenings.

15/16_ Hammock times – apparently when you sail with boys they like to see how high they can string you up. We each had a go at the hammock swinging over the ocean as the sun set.

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