It has been a week on this trip and the time seems to have taken on an elastic quality with so much and so little being accomplished each day. This is the first time I’ve even been online in an entire week which seems like a surreal gift. Our boat travels at the equivalent of about 6 miles an hour so even with a week behind us we are still not that far from home – the going is seriously slow. There is the added issue of me not knowing what I am doing – my sum total of sailing knowledge comes from sailing lasers at the local community centre in 1994 and 95….so I am far from an expert. Even with a willingness to learn there is always a ton going on a once and I am often left feeling slightly overwhelmed and frustrated. The picture of me sailing the boat above was moments before I started screaming, ‘The wind is changing! The wind is changing! I-don’t-know-what-to-do-you-need-to-help-me-RIGHT-NOW!!!!!’

So, you know, total pro over here.

Our first few days were spentĀ on an island called Thormanby just off of the Sunshine Coast where friends have an amazing cabin and a more-the-merrier attitude with guests. There were piles of us playing on the warm sand beaches, climbing the cliffs, pushing children around on water toys, walking along forest paths – it was insanely ideal. Like summer is supposed to be in every YA fiction book you read when you were a teenager. From there we headed to Hornby, an island known for it’s warm water beaches and artistic hippie community. Both did not disappoint – we swam, rode bikes to buy groceries at the local co-op, watched a family of deers graze, ate dinner in an apple orchard, licked melting ice creams and rowed from boat to cabin to visit more friends. At night the wind howled through the bay and made it sound like the boat was going to break in two.

We spent yesterday slowly sailing from Hornby to Cortes, stopping to fish when the impulse struck. We had a mild toilet back up issue that we are now referring to as the ‘Psunami’ where essentially two days of waste exploded like a bomb on deck and through a window where I was standing but EVEN THAT couldn’t take away from the incredible sunset while we drifted through the Copeland Islands or the moon as it rose behind us while we docked at Cortes.

There are showers here. Thank god.

2 responses to “SAILING : WEEK ONE”

  1. emily says:

    wow, this looks like such an amazing trip. So beautiful! We really do live in beautiful bc. xo

  2. Julie says:

    Loving every word of this post!! Keep on!! We are thinking of you in Toronto – loads of love X X Jules

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