Remember when I yammered on about needing a break to clear my head and then instead of peacing-out I continued working steady state? Right. Me too.

So when writing that post I had imagined taking August off to lay low in Vancouver and then take a small sailing trip through our local islands. BUT THEN an opportunity came up to take 5 weeks to sail around Vancouver Island – starting mid August. So instead of closing shop and hanging in coffee shops aggressively soul searching I have been busting my ass to get all the small to-do’s done before setting sail on August 15th. As I’m sure you can all relate it is very rare to be able to take a month away from life and I can not wait to leave the day to day hustle behind.

During this time I’ll have extremely limited access to wifi (once a week, maybe) but I’ll be taking lots of photos and am hoping to post a few updates while we’re away just to keep you in the loop. British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful and untouched wilderness in the world and often the only access to it is via boat so needless to say this is an opportunity I am super excited about. For the first time in what seems like forever I will be shutting the online shop while I am away so if you have been thinking of grabbing something please make your purchase by Tuesday Aug 9th. The shop will re-open at the end of September with some new goodies for Fall/Winter included in the mix.

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