How is your summer going? You may or may not have noticed that things over at S&C HQ have slowed down a bit. As I stated in my previous post 2016 (and actually a fair amount of 2015) have been challenging – specifically with running this small business. Over the last year I have been wrestling with just how I want my life to be as an entrepreneur.

Before I started Scout & Catalogue I worked in a ‘regular’ job – one where I was expected to be somewhere every day, worked with a team and received a regular and very healthy pay check. In starting this brand, seven years ago, one of it’s biggest draws for me was that I would be able to choose how, where and what I was working on. This control was more valuable to me than stability in work and income. As S&C grew in success I was so grateful and also very motivated to grow with it. But these days I am feeling more stuck and unsure about my company’s next steps. Continuous growth means continuous financial risk, continuous hustle, continuous hours. Holding the company back, allowing for my own life to be more balanced, means risking the brands failure as more and more competitors flood this congested market. Scout & Catalogue has always been for me a job born out of joy. That is not to say that it is always fun because nothing is and a small business is CRAZY PANTS full of tasks that suck balls but the idea of creating an income, a lifestyle and a product that I can believe in has always been a motivator for me. I seem to be at a crossroads with this work – on one hand I can choose the health of my company and on the other the balance in my life – and to be honest I have no idea which road I will choose. Do you ever get to a place when a big decision has to be made and you exhaust yourself with cases for both outcomes? This is what happened to me this spring – I was rooted in the spot by indecision and nothing felt (or feels) clear.

So, I have made the short term decision to take my foot off the gas this summer. I am going to take advantage of the few warm summer months we get in the Pacific Northwest and sail often, meet friends for dinner, go for runs and trust that my next steps will present themselves to me if I have the patience (I seldom do) to wait. S&C is DEFINITELY still open for business but my social media presence may be a bit more sporadic and my email responses a day or so behind. I hope you are also able to take some time this summer to slow down and enjoy the beauty in the slow moments this season brings.

And lastly I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your years of support – for reading this blog (still), for buying our product, for following our progress via social media, for wishing S&C well. I so appreciate your involvement in this journey forever and always.


  1. Leanne says:

    I’ve been reading since the start of pillows in Mexico and it has been amazing to watch your brand grow and evolve in a fast and furious, saturated market. You’re a talented women and you’ll do well wherever the decisions take you. Thanks for having this blog and sharing these thoughts – yours is one of the few I come back to and always feel an honest and authentic voice.

  2. Caitlin says:

    I don’t think that I’ve ever commented on a blog post – anywhere – but I have read and loved your blog for years. I’m not sure exactly how long I’ve been reading, but yours was one of the first blogs I ever found many, many years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I really respect how candidly you write about your experience running a business and have loved watching your brand evolve. Thank you for your writing, your work, and your willingness to share it all here. Your story and brand has been very inspirational and compelling. Whatever path you choose, wishing you all the best.in your future endeavors.

  3. Sarah says:

    Everything will become clear! I hope you can enjoy some rest.
    A happy customer of yours since 2011, Sarah

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