Happy holidays everyone! As of today the studio is shut until January 6th. Gift certificates are still available for purchase in the online shop. The blog will be quiet as well as I spend time with friends and family and move into a new apartment. Wishing you all the best over this festive season and love and success in the new year (2014!!??)…


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Things are finally slowing down in the studio as we look forward to taking a break over the holidays. I will be spending the week celebrating with family and also…..moving. You can tell you’ve got some things to learn about taking vacations when yours is spent schlepping boxes instead of attending various yuletide parties with champagne glass in hand…

Here are some shots from around here:

1) Pulling together the last of our Christmas wholesale orders. For everyone that has been asking we will have more of the black marble Sierra phone sleeves in our next collection – they should be available in February.

2) A studio round-up is nothing without a shot of Bruce. He would like you to know that he has given the Yelapa leather tote his stamp of approval.

3) A photo on Aiya’s bulletin board reminding me of a truth I often forget.

4) After 6 months of back and forth I have finally approved a marble patterned wool scarf for the next collection. I’m very excited about this one – the wool is thick and soft and the scarf is huge…

5) We’ve kicked the holiday festivities up a notch while working thanks to my lovely intern Brianna (yes, I did hire someone with the same name as me which leads to humorous confusion in the studio on a daily basis).


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A few holiday notes:

We’re winding down in the studio this week and the online shop will be shut (gift certificates still available!) from December 21st to January 6th for a much anticipated break.

As well – if you purchase goods this week please contact us to arrange priority shipping as regular shipping will no longer allow your items to reach you by December 25th. In all honesty – all bets are off as to if packages will reach their destinations by the 25th at this point but things can arrive far sooner if that is of interest to you…


As well, with being sick for most of December, I have had to make the call to not be in the Noche Buena show this Saturday. I strongly recommend that anyone that is in the Vancouver area check it out and buy local for this gift giving season!

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Things have been quiet on the blog lately mostly due to me being sick for an outrageously long time (3 weeks) during the busiest time of the retail year. Here’s a little peek into the goings on in the studio this week:

1) Sickness = a lot of tea. I haven’t had coffee in 3 weeks and I desperately miss it.

2) Leather chaos. This is a small window into what most of my studio looks like right now.

3) Thinking about dots for the spring collection (wearing Strathcona’s spotted stockings).

4) Chopped off quite a bit of hair and am happy to say goodbye to the monster knots I used to get from wearing scarves in the winter!

5) A new project with our marble print – more details to come in the spring collection…

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For everyone in Vancouver we’ll be selling some items at the Noche Buena sale on December 21st (more info on their site). We’ll also be bringing samples and slightly damaged goods at reduced prices as well as leather scraps. Our normal sample sale that is held after Christmas won’t be happening this year because I’ll be moving into a new apartment and taking some time off to do so, so this is your chance to get your hands on one of a kind S&C items for a deal. Hopefully see you there!!

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A quick reminder to all of our American customers to place your orders today in order to have your items arrive before Christmas. The shipping deadline is this Monday, December 9th but because we produce to order we will need a few days to make your pieces before they ship. If you miss the deadline you can always shoot us an email to organize faster (although more expensive) shipping.

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I’ve been home sick for the last couple of days and have spent an unreasonable amount of time roaming the internet lusting after beautiful objects. A few that have caught my eye and would make lovely gifts:

1) This beautiful sweater dress by the Vancouver based company Hendrik.Lou.

2) I’m a fan of all things copper.

3) This amazing mobile.

4) Something to make winter baths more luxurious.

5) Who can resist handmade brogues?

6) I’m always on the lookout for a good toque.

7) Winter appropriate thistle arrangement.

8) I can’t get enough of concrete, marble, granite – anything stone – these days…

9) This beautiful mobile was listed as ‘moon chimes’ which I just love.

10) Our S&C Casa Cielo key ring – a great stocking stuffer.

11) Sweet handmade soap.

12) I’m big on Christmas kitsch but these lovely modernist ornaments almost have me convinced that less is more in the holiday decoration department.

13) A pair of tea bowls.

14) Strathcona Stockings for well shod holiday ankles.

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Our Spring 2014 season is on my mind. Can’t wait to get holiday production out of the way so I can start experimenting…

(most images from Ernests otherwise source unknown)

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A few shots from around the studio:

1) Mom’s play a pretty big role in this studio.

2) Tonala Pequena factory – these guys are going fast!

3) An iridescent ball I spend a lot of time admiring on Aiya’s side of the studio.

4) Fabric waiting to be sewn into Oaxaca Totes.

5) A touch of Paris in Vancouver.

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Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 12.24.52 PM


A quick reminder that if had your eye on an S&C item that is sold out in our online shop don’t be shy about checking out our stockists page on the website to see if any of the amazing boutiques that carry us have the item you are looking for.

(Image of S&C Tonala Media Clutch in nude by stockist Craft & Culture)

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My favourite fitting room in Kensington Market ~ Toronto, Canada.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!! We are so thankful for all of your support in 2013…

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The season of gift giving is fast approaching and if you are interested in doing your holiday shopping online the time to buy is now. I thought that over the next few weeks I would do a few wish list posts filled with things I’ve stumbled upon in my online wanderings that, I think at least, would make for great gifts.

1) Iridescent wallet by the Guadalajara based shop Golden Ponies. I have spent a lot of time in Guadalajara over the years and love the idea of supporting a designer/shop from that region. Plus, iridescent…..need I say more?

2) A 2014 calendar to pencil in all of your 2014 adventures.

3) One of these amazing ‘playful objects for everyday life’ by the brooklyn based studio Chiaozza.

4) The perfect party accessory to ring in the new year.

5) Our S&C Tonala Pequena wallet in nude makes an ideal stocking stuffer.

6) This beautiful bead pendant is perfect for anyone setting up a new home (ahem, like me).

7) A beautiful stationary set.

8) A bold iphone case.

9) Healing balm for winter skin.

10) I really got in to yoga in 2013 and it did wonders for my mind and body – however most of the yoga gear available does nothing to entice me so when I stumble into something truly useful for my yoga practice and NICE I get excited. Enter this simple leather yoga mat carrier. Love it.

11) This soft and subtle fibre art piece.

12) A playful cushion.

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These days all my time has been spent in the studio working through holiday and wholesale orders – so much so that I often feel like I don’t have much new news to share. But then, of course, Bruce Wayne does something cute or I spot a new crystal/plant/iridescent paper/insert-any-number-of-beautiful-and-ridiculous-objects that call out to be photographed and shared on the blog. Here are some images from where I am currently spending all of my waking hours :

1) Bruce Wayne is OBSESSED with the newspaper on top of our fridge that is protecting unfired ceramics. He is like a nesting hen and I think he enjoys it all the more because he is not allowed to sit up there. He has already broken 2 cups in his adventures – I took this picture right before he got in some serious trouble…

2) Pulling together a box of  Oaxaca Tote parts to send to my seamstress so I can get some help with production madness.

3) Referencing dye books. Always.

4) A picture from when I was still living at Aiya’s – a dream catcher right beside her bed.

5) Some odds and ends above Aiya’s desk.

6) Mary Jane stockings being packaged by Ryley’s diligent intern.

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It’s that time of year again (can you believe it!??) – holiday shipping deadlines! This year it’s all the more complicated since most of my line is made to order. The dates provided below are the SHIPPING DEADLINES not the ordering deadline so if you are hoping to have something arrive before xmas for a loved one and you’re not sure if you’ve ordered in time for me to sew and ship the item before your cut-off date just send me a quick email before ordering.

All S&C goods ship from Canada.


Within Canada : December 16th

United States : December 9th

Australia/All International : December 2nd

Keep in mind you can request faster shipping but this will be at additional cost.

(And before you ask – the bag pictured above was purchased years ago in Paris from a vintage shop!)

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A few shots from around the (very busy) studio:

1) Zippers are stocked for the holiday rush.

2) My uncle found me another kick press and fitted it up to punch holes for me. It is AMAZING – especially since I was getting some fairly serious repetitive stress injuries in my arms from the manual hole punch I was using before. Thank you Uncle Ray!

3) The studio front door hung with lace.

4) Aiya has the best tool boxes.

5) Dye tests make the prettiest paper towels.

6) Aiya working on a custom piece.

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Gift certificates are now available in the online shop – perfect for every S&C fan on your holiday gift list!

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There is nothing quite like escaping the dreary fall/winter weather with a good book…

1) Comfy sweatpants are a must.

2) A beautiful mug.

3) A scented candle to set the mood.

4) Your S&C Libro Clutch that perfectly holds your paperback (old school!) or e-reader.

5) Soft music.

6) Your favourite blend of tea.

7) A vintage kilim pillow for perfect body positioning.

8) A worn in pair of sneakers.

9) A soft oversized tee.

10) Reading glasses for those who need them (or for anyone hoping to have  a ‘She’s All That‘ moment…).

And of course – your favourite book!

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Working on a custom dye job for a friends wedding – soft sea greens, blues and greys with a few hits of peach…

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My mom and I were looking at old photos last night and we stumbled on a few from Mexico that I hadn’t seen before of my original ‘studio’ and post office jaunts:

1) My very first collection looked like this. I still have a sample set of all of my cushions and love them to this day.

2) S&C quickly evolved from cushions to bags and scarves. All of them were shot in my ‘studio’ – aka. the stairwell of my apartment building (the outside of which is shown in the photo on the right). While shooting I would take an old point and click camera, put it on a tripod, set the auto-timer and then pose away – always making myself look totally ridiculous to my neighbours.

3) My first stairwell shoot.

4) It’s interesting to see how much Mexico influenced my original work – brighter colours and far more flourishes. It used to take me hours to hand stud all of the bags in my collection. On the right is me on a post office run! Every day I walked down the long cobblestone street to the water and headed over to the post office to send things off to far flung places.

5) The steps to the post office and my very first packaging. I would go to the local papeleria and get them to print out my product information on fluorescent paper which was then wrapped around every item before being sent out.

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In case you didn’t know, Aiya (my current S&C model, the super talented jewelry designer, the mother of Bruce Wayne and the owner of the amazing apartment I lived in over the summer) has a pretty great tumblr chronicling her life…

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