A Scout & Catalogue year in photos. 2012 started in Toronto and ended in Vancouver with many inspiring trips in between. We collaborated with friends, dabbled with new products and felt tremendously grateful as our customers snatched up our scarves and clutches along the way…

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past year – we couldn’t do this without you! All the best in 2013!!

Don’t forget we’re having a sale on Fall/Winter 2012!!

Images taken by others: Fieldguided, Megan McIaasc, Of a Kind, Hana Pesut

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Happy Holidays everyone! A few things around these parts:

1/ A white Christmas! On the pacific northwest coast there is almost never snow on December 25th – this year we had a light dusting that made my family’s farm even more picturesque.
2/ Our Christmas Eve dinner – arguably my favourite meal of the year.
3/ For the next few months I’ll be living on my mother’s living room floor as I start to build a life in Vancouver. My allotted floor space can get…..messy, to say the least.
4/ A Christmas Eve walk along the Fraser river.
5/ We’re having a Boxing Day Sale!! Get over to the online shop and get 15% to 30% off of our F/W 12 collection!!
6/ A gift from a friend so I can remember my time in Toronto over a morning cup of coffee.

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Join us on Boxing Day (December 26th) as we begin our only sale of the year. Most S&C stock will be reduced in both the online and Etsy shops!! We’ll be clearing out stock from our Fall/Winter Wanderlust collection. 

Happy holidays everyone and thank you for such a great year for S&C!!

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Today is my last day as a resident of Toronto and leaving feels very bittersweet indeed. I’ve been thinking a lot about who I was when I arrived here from Mexico, two and a half years ago, and who I am today on my way home to Vancouver. I am leaving with a bit more confidence, a lot more focus and a feeling of being connected to both sides of this huge country.

Toronto gets a lot of heat from the rest of Canada for being large and impersonal – too self centered and overly materialistic to be a nurturing city. But what everyone seems to leave unsaid is how vibrant the creative community is, how fiercely entrepreneurial and motivated it’s residents are, and how welcoming everyone is to new people. When I arrived Scout & Catalogue was a fledgling art project that Toronto helped blossom into a full time job. I met new friends, created a home and learned how to survive sub-zero winters and revel in the heat of long summers. I will be forever grateful for my time here and the people I have encountered along the way. 

Thank you Toronto and all the people that I have met over the last few years – you have truly changed me and my life.

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Our last holiday wish list of the season is focused stocking stuffers:

1/D.S. & Durga 2/In God We Trust 3/Morning Calm 4/Hair powder 5/ Fat and the Moon 6/ Two Bandits 7/Strathcona Stockings 8/Butter London 9/Scout & Catalogue 10/Diptyque 11/Mast Brothers Chocolate 12/The Wild Unknown 13/Frankie Magazine 14/Drake General Store 15/Madewell 16/Rodin Luxury Hair Oil

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It’s less than a week before I move to Vancouver so, as you can imagine, life in the studio has been chaos:

1_All of my favourite holiday drinks involve eggnog – after racing through 2 litres in the last week I am very grateful it is only available for two months of the year!
2_For the first time ever S&C is available in Japan at the cute shop &Me. I love seeing a photo of myself in Mexico nestled beside a brand bio written in Japanese.
3,4_I have been cutting leather for our tiny Spring 13 season – soft, shimmery gold and spotted pony suede will play a big part in the upcoming collection.
5_Mouse has spent the last week following me from room to room overseeing the packing…

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Head on over to MTV Fora today to enter to win a S&C Geometric Cloud scarf and a Constellation Viaje clutch as a part of their 12 Days of Giveaways event!

Also – just a quick note that both of our online shops will be closed as of tomorrow morning for the next few weeks so get any of your last minute shopping in today! Remember that we are based out of Toronto, Canada and in most cases you will have to pay for faster shipping if you would like your items to arrive before the 25th.

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Today’s Holiday Wish List was created by my good friend Julie who used to write the S&C blog’s Look!Book! monthly book review. Lucky for us she’s back and has compiled a selection of books she’d be happy to give or receive this season:

1/Kathleen Winter, Annabel 
This debut novel tells the story of Wayne growing up in remote Labrador and concealing a secret he is only somewhat aware of himself.

2/Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus
I’m not usually a fan of fantasy but The Night Circus held me (wait for it!) under its spell from page one.

3/Hilary Mantel, Bring up the Bodies
This year’s Man Booker Prize winner is the darker and pacier sequel to Wolf Hall and chronicles Anne Boleyn’s demise – perfect to read by the fire.

4/Jane B. Burka and Lenora M. Yuen, Procrastination: Why You Do It, What To Do About It
I listened to this book over ten (highly productive) hours in the fall and it may have changed my life.

5/Caitlin Moran, How To Be A Woman
There is a lot to love and laugh at in Caitlin Moran’s memoir/rant but her invention (to my knowledge) of the term “Sex Narnia” is quite spectacular.

6/F. Scott Fitzgerald, TheGreat Gatsby
Re-reading this classic reinforced both my admiration for it as well as my fears about the movie casting. This Penguin edition (pictured) would make a great gift or track down a vintage copy in your local second hand bookshop.

7/James Joyce, TheDubliners
In Dublin I picked up a lovely copy of Joyce’s short stories for my dad, but couldn’t resist reading them myself first. Next up, A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man.

8/Speaking of short stories, I already know my mum has bought me Emma Donoghue’s latest collection Astray for Christmas. She probably remembers that in undergrad I nerdily emailed a paper to Donoghue (about her novel Hood) and have saved her kind reply to this day.


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Craft & Culture

It is well passed the date where if you live outside of Canada regular shipping will reach you before December 25th. For the die hard S&C fans on your xmas list please feel free to contact us for expedited shipping or purchase a few S&C gift certificates. Also check out our stockists page to find retailers that carry our goods in your country – you could also luck out and discover stores that still have sold out items in stock like the Galileo Moon Silk Scarf and Libro Clutch in Tie Dye Leather pictured above and available on the site Craft & Culture.

Take a peek at a small interview of me on The Design Hunter blog – one of our Australia based stockists.

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1/Score + Solder 2/Object + Totem 3/MCMC Fragrances 4/Mociun 5/Shanna Murray 6/Pretty Mommy 7/Drake General Store 8/Steel Canvas 9/Tivoli Audio 10/Old Faithful Shop 11/Penguin Classics 12/Julia Paul Pottery 13/Drake General Store

PS. There is a tiny interview of me over on the Wiseling Blog today

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A few things around here (most of these shots are from Instagram – scout_catalogue):

1. A local coffee shop had a beautiful art installation with balloons and roses.
2. Coin purses! These have been flying out of the shop guaranteeing that they will be available again in our spring season.
3. This is the only corner of our house left untouched by packing – every other room/square foot of floor is covered in boxes.
4. I’m starting to have serious anxiety about moving back to a rainforest this winter. I’ll have to combat the 10 months of rain each year with frequent tropical getaways…
5. My new favourite quote care of Pablo Neruda.
6. I just spent a few days with my lovely friend Melissa and her young family. This awesome painting is care of her very talented two boys age 4 and 5…
7. Mouse doing what she does best – napping.
8. Christmas oranges!!

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1/Baggu 2/Falconwright 3/Daniel Wellington 4/Forestbound 5/Status Anxiety 6/Common Projects 7/Madewell 8/Swedish Hasbeens 9/Me&Arrow 10/Comme des Garcons 11/Rennes Handmade

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Harvest MoonHarvest MoonHarvest MoonHarvest MoonHarvest Moon

As most of you know I used to work for the women’s retailer Aritzia before I started S&C. I still have a lot of friends that work there and they are having a very big month – a new store just opened on Fifth Ave in New York AND they have finally relaunched their site and you can now shop with them online! 

Take a peek at their new online magazine and the Fall/Winter collections – this Harvest Moon lookbook is my personal favourite…

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A few beautiful pieces I’d be very happy to find under the tree this December…

1/ManiaMania 2/OdetteNY 3/Erin Considine 4/Kria 5/Pamela Love 6/Kathryn Bentley 7/Jessie Harris 8/Biko 9/Dream Collective 10/ManiaMania 11/In God We Trust 12/Dream Collective

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I will be moving to Vancouver in 3 weeks which means my days have been spent packing, packing and doing more packing. One of the things I am most excited about in this transition is the opportunity to create a new home which, if my inspiration photos above are any indicator, is going to be WHITE. 

Unfortunately most of Vancouver’s housing stock was built between 1977 – 1989 so my new space will not have the architectural details I am so accustomed to in Toronto. Hopefully, with a little time and effort, I’ll be able to pull something together that feels warm and welcoming and, most of all, like home.

Photos sources: Closet Visit, Freunde Von Freuden, JJJound, Unknown

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One of my favourite things about moving is uncovering little memories – tucked away in books, shelves and behind furniture – as you pack your life into boxes. Clockwise from top left:

1) A Spanish fortune purchased in Guadalajara, chosen for me from a box by a budgie
2) A photo exhibit I saw ages ago in London
3) A horoscope I’ve been carrying in my wallet for years encouraging me to trust in life
4) A watercolour circle cut from my journal – I later used this as the logo for my short lived Yard Sale site
5) A polaroid with old (good) friends 
6) A random doodle drawn through a particularly long scrabble game

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It’s that time of year again – making sure you purchase your holiday gifts in time for them to arrive promptly at your door! Below is the run down on best-to-purchase-by dates depending on where you live (keeping in mind that these are estimates and that all S&C items ship from Canada):

Within Canada:
Purchase by December 15th

United States:
Purchase by December 8th

Everywhere Else:
Purchase by November 27th

Faster (more expensive) shipping can be arranged by request if you’ve missed your purchase-by date.

I have received many emails asking if we will be restocking sold out items for the holiday rush and the answer is no. We do, however, have a wide range of retailers that carry S&C who may still have a sold out item in stock. Click here to see who is carrying us this season.

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I’m a little behind in discovering the beautiful New Zealand based line Lonely Hearts but, all I can say is, better late than never. They’ll be launching their online store this week so until then have fun browsing through their Facebook page

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//1// ‘We Love Yelapa’ – local residents taking care of their town //2// A burro waiting for its owner in the town center //3// River emptying into the bay //4// One of the few local restaurants //5// Happily beach lounging on my 30th birthday //6// Waterfall behind the town



Just south of Puerto Vallarta, nestled in a small cove, is the little fishing village of Yelapa.  In this cove the El Tuito river, as well as another small mountain stream, empty into the Pacific Ocean and it is said that the name Yelapa means, ‘where two rivers meet the sea.’ The land itself is known as a ‘comunidad indigena’ meaning that it is community owned by its indigenous population and no foreign land ownership is permitted. This, combined with its remote location, makes Yelapa a true jewel to visit – allowing you to enjoy an authentic Mexican retreat in relative privacy.

If you’re looking for a quiet beach vacation then Yelapa should definitely be on your list to visit. The town is very small with few resources for tourists so make sure to confirm with your hotel what they have in terms of food and recreational activities. There is a range of accommodations available from basic palapa huts to higher end hotels – your experience relies largely on what venue you choose.

If staying overnight in a remote and rustic location doesn’t suit your fancy remember that Yelapa makes for an easy day trip from Puerto Vallarta – providing you with a fun boat ride and giving you a break from the crowded beaches in the city.

While there is a road that reaches the town the easiest and fastest way to get there is by boat. Inexpensive water taxi’s leave often from downtown Puerto Vallarta and from Boca de Tomatlan – click here to see the schedule.

Eat/swim/hammock – repeat.

The real draw of Yelapa is it’s natural beauty with its tropical forested mountains tumbling into the sandy shore of the cove. This is the perfect place to spend entire days relaxing on the beach with loved ones.

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Stumbling across old projects, textures and goodies as I clean and pack my studio. One month to go until I call Vancouver ‘home’ again…

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