With the launch of a new collection I am bringing back our ‘Introducing’ series on the blog as a way to get everyone acquainted with our new product. First up is our new wool gauze Vallarta Scarf in marble:

Last year I stumbled into a way to marble leather and was super excited to add the technique the line. Before marbling I had only been dyeing fabric so it was exciting to be able to customize a new material and develop product to showcase it. During that time I was contacted by the artist/photographer Debbie Carlos to do an artist series poster for her shop. She was interested in focusing on my marbling work so we developed a poster from a scan of my marbled leather which received great response from customers. It was so much fun to see something I created for leather have a new life on paper – and to see my pattern available for people’s homes, not just their closets. Marbling tends to be addictive and I continued to want pretty much every piece of clothing/surface/object in my life to share in it’s patterned magic and so I worked to develop the Vallarta Scarf – again with the marble pattern I first achieved on leather. This time I used the artwork to digitally print on a soft wool gauze in shades of black and grey. The scarf is oversized but is light and warm – perfect for everyone that is still suffering from the 2014 -winter-that-will-not-end. And happily, with this scarf I (and you too) am one step closer to having all surfaces in my life marbled….


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