I have never before lived in a city that wasn’t nestled right on the ocean. Before we moved to Toronto every time our decision came up people would gasp and exclaim about the horrors of living away from the sea. But when we arrived I noticed that Toronto was situated on a pretty huge body of water – one of the Great Lakes in fact – and beyond waves and salty sea breezes it doesn’t really feel like water is missing from our lives here. Especially since Lake Ontario is essentially at the base of my street. So on a particularly house-bound Sunday morning I decided to take a little stroll down to the boardwalk and see what land-locked, big-city water was all about.

After crossing over 2 highways (why would a city planner separate a city from it’s major body of water with 8 lanes of high speed traffic?) I arrived at the edge of the lake. It was quiet and peaceful and perfect for a cold moments of reflection. And after half an hour of staring out over the water I headed home which took all of 5 minutes to reach. I can’t wait for hotter days when walking down to the lake for a picnic or riding our bikes along the boardwalk is part of our regular routine. Although somehow I think I will like the lake best in the Winter, when the temperature keeps people away and you can feel lost in nature in the middle of a big city.

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