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quiero claw rings…

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There is a week-long market in town selling lots of traditional Mexican pieces. I walked away with a few christmas gifts and this bag made by a leather worker from the DF. I’m in love with my new bucket bag…

If you’re in town the market is on Avenue Mexico right before the malecon.

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We were at the beach the other day using a scrap of tie-dyed material as a beach blanket when V said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great it someone made beach blankets with weights in the corners?’


Today I will be experimenting. If they work out I’ll sell them at the Unique LA show in 2 weeks.
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Just got back from 2012.

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I have discovered what I’m going to do with my extra studs…
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I didn’t think it was possible but I am now someone that pays attention to gardening. Patio gardening to be exact. My own plants are a little scraggly since it turns out that it’s expensive to create a large and lush patio garden but it doesn’t mean that I don’t copy and save each new garden shot I stumble upon.

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Some beautiful pieces and a crazy website from All for the Mountain
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Good eyebrows and an awesome shirt…

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Last night my Spanish teacher took me to a local dance performance in the centro. Each state in Mexico has their own distinct culture and customs and the differences in the look and feel of each dance was really interesting. Pictured above is the traditional dance from Puerto Vallarta’s state – Jalisco.

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Am loving embroidery these days.
Am not loving the time it takes to execute.
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Welcome Elliott Raine Martin…
I can’t wait to meet you via skype.
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I’ve always been a fan of CBC radio 1 but never more than now that I live so far from home. Available to stream and download podcasts here.
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When I was little, on rainy afternoons I would curl up on the couch with a blanket and read Indian comics that my mom would bring back from the various retreats she attended. The first picture I stumbled upon on Cosmic Dust looks just how these Indian comics used to come alive in my head…
(comic book images here)
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Today I am prepping my silver studs to get ready for a cushion application marathon which will be commencing in a few days. When I first brought home my studs I didn’t really like how shiny and ‘new’ the silver finish looked. I set about experimenting with them to achieve a more aged look. It turns out that if you put silver studs in a fire for a certain amount of time you get a beautiful oily charcoal finish. I love it, especially because each one is slightly different which I think adds a lot to the finished product.

Above you can see what the silver looks like when I buy them.

This is our patio chimney and it is where I do most of my burning. Because in Puerto Vallarta they don’t have a recycling program we burn all of our paper goods as fire wood (which is why you can see a toilet paper roll sticking out here).
I used to make tinfoil packets to burn the studs in like hot potatoes but often the tinfoil would get so hot it would melt and rip open resulting in many hours of me picking tiny studs out of hot ash. Last week V went to the 25 peso store and bought me this large metal sieve. Much better…
New problem – metal sieve does not protect the studs from the ash…
Voila! Dusty but beautiful metal studs ready to be applied.
A close up of the finished product from the Good Things Collection.
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Beach day!

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Why have I not been paying attention to Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons? Makers of delightful and dark pieces. The above collection was designed in collaboration with the line Oden Vovk and are made from soft leather, antique piano ivory, mammoth tusk, pony hair and honeycomb cast in gold.
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ROAD TRIP/ ISS:08:11.09

By far one of my favourite places in Guadalajara is Tlaquepaque. This region of the city is jammed with local artisans, good restaurants and interesting markets. While the main drag is a little over-commercialized with trendy boutiques selling Mexican goods for triple the normal price, you can still find an authentic artistic atmosphere down the side streets.

On Sunday night we went to a local market in Tlaquepaque with V’s dad and step-mom which was being held in an old hospital, now converted to an event venue. It was an old building with multiple courtyards and arched hallways and room upon room of artisan crafts from all over Mexico and South America. I almost bought about a million things but ended up only leaving with 2 bottles of an all natural honey and almond cream, selling at only $4 a bottle. I have made a vow that before we leave Mexico I will buy a large aztec/navajo rug. They sell them everywhere down here and at a very reasonable price. There were multiple vendors in the market with piles of them in every shape and colour but I was so overwhelmed with so many options that I couldn’t focus. Next time…
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If only V and I looked this pulled together…
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New Scout & Catalogue business cards for the Unique LA show this December 5th + 6th.

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